Why you should choose an Eco Taxi

Over one-third of all CO2 emissions in the West Midlands are attributed to transport alone (National Statistics, 2017). When it comes to transportation, it’s possible to travel in 5-star luxury without contributing to this worrying statistic. Hiring a green cab is the first step in revolutionising the impact that your travel has on
the environment. Here’s why you should choose an eco taxi the next time you need to go somewhere:

Better for the environment

The most obvious reason to choose a green taxi is that they drastically reduce the size of your carbon footprint. Electric and hybrid vehicles emissions are significantly lower than their gasoline or diesel-guzzling counterparts. Leading electric car manufacturer Tesla could revolutionise the eco cab industry. According to Tesla’s carbon impact campaign, their electric vehicles have saved more than 3 million tonnes of CO2 emissions in the UK (and counting); hiring a taxi firm that utilises their vehicles could be more beneficial for the environment.

Reduced costs

Embrace change

According to government climate advisers, it’s predicted that all new cars will be electric and have zero emissions by 2030. The earlier this change is embraced, the better it is for the environment. The quality treatment and smooth transportation will still remain the same in a high emission taxi or a green taxi, so why not
choose the least ecologically harmful option?

If you are travelling for business or even for a special occasion, consider hiring a luxury eco cab. JTS Executive Cars have low emission vehicles to meet your requirements.